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Sybrin, InTouch partner to enable a social digital process experience

Sybrin has joined forces with InTouch, a secure transaction and business process platform, to add a social channel to the omni-channel experience already provided by Sybrin’s platform and business applications. By using InTouch’s chat-enabled platform, users will be able to interact with business processes through an intuitive messenger, which is a well-known experience to most users.

Imagine opening a new account, authenticating a transaction, or putting in a claim by just chatting via your mobile phone. The InTouch application embeds a complete set of security features to ensure a bank-grade solution. InTouch will also embed a specific set of Sybrin Micro Services in their application to enrich the user experience.

“We are very proud and excited to announce our partnership with InTouch. Their technology is well designed, easy to use, and embeds all the security features important to our customers,” says Marius Maré, CEO at Sybrin

“We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Sybrin, which is set to ignite a whole new world of doing business. We look forward to creating unique interactions and transactions for customers across the African continent together,” says Karl Nimmo, CEO at InTouch.

Partnering with InTouch will allow us to:

  • Add an additional engagement channel to the user experience;
  • Create new distribution channels for both companies;
  • Incorporate services such as identity management and KYC to the InTouch application; and
  • Provide quick to market, highly scalable solutions.

Together, we create both a secure and trusted channel to interact and transact.


Originally published on ITWeb on the 9th of September 2019