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Nobody can read your messages except you and your recipient. Nobody.

Combine logical everyday processes and convert them into message workflows.

Send and receive biometric messages for new levels of trust and compliance.

The power of all new messages types baked into an interface everyone already knows how to use.

Keep it Simple.

All the great things are simple.

Winston Churchill

Who uses InTouch.


Anyone can use InTouch to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and Entities. InTouch is FREE and always will be FREE for individuals.


Create a Profile for your business on InTouch and start authenticating secure processes with your clients, suppliers and value chain.


Ideal for enterprise communication. Trust in the identity of your key stakeholders with a biometrically signed KYC. InTouch is an ideal communication tool to bring enterprise systems together


Secure and Trusted communication is something that any Government strives towards. Combine this with practical biometrically signed processes such as Billing, Report Incident and Data Retrieval, InTouch is an ideal solution for Governments.

Get InTouch.