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Frequently Asked Questions

InTouch represents a new way to think about communication so questions are welcome. Below are a couple key points worth understanding.

01 Is InTouch Free

InTouch is free and will always remain free for individuals. If you would like to create a Profile for your Organisation on InTouch or use paid for message types then the appropriate billing will apply.

02 Is there Advertising in InTouch?

There is NO Advertising allowed on InTouch. We believe in your privacy. We do not and will never have access to any of your data. We cannot and will not mine user data for advertising or other reasons. You are in control and the owner of all your personal data. Your communication and engagement with both individuals and organisations is only visible to you and the related parties. You are not the product and never will be. InTouch is there to create a secure trusted space to communicate modern day processes.

03 Where does InTouch host its servers?

The InTouch Servers are based in Ireland.

04 Is InTouch Secure

InTouch makes use of End to End encryption with a strong encryption algorithm and Off the Record Messaging. InTouch takes your privacy and security seriously.

05 Can I use InTouch if I have a small Business?

There is no restriction on size. The key function of InTouch is to improve communication. Small business will benefit greatly from secure process driven communication. Onboarding and KYC, Bill Presentment, Authenticate Instructions and Transactions, eSignatures and many other relevant processes are now made that much easier.

06 is InTouch GDPR Compliant

InTouch strives to meet all of the GDPR requirements. InTouch has prepared GDPR processes and guidelines internally to cover all GDPR requirements.

07 Can I develop on InTouch

InTouch has a REST API which can be used to programatically send a wide array of Message Types and Workflows over InTouch. These include basic messages as well as InTouch Message Services such as Forms Fields, Biometrics, Identity Document Scanning, Bill Presentment, eSignatures, HR and more.