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A Secure, Private Process Messenger.

The de facto trusted engagement and authentication tool to navigate real world transactions and business processes securely and efficiently.


Communicate using rich message types (Biometrics, Finance, Government) in an intuitive messenger.


Your data belongs to you. You own your data and your data will never be shared.


A paradigm shift in messaging. Process messaging which allows any process to be built with rich message types.

No Advertising. Ever.

There is NO advertising on InTouch. There will never be Advertising on InTouch.


All communication uses end to end encryption with strong Encryption algorithms. InTouch uses Off The Record (OTR) Messaging.


InTouch messages go beyond simple text and media messages to include Message types which can be linked to thousands of third party Integrations.


  • Individuals

  • FREE

  • InTouch will always remain free for individuals to securely interact with organisations and other individuals.

    • InTouch Messenger
    • Text, Image, Video
    • Contacts, Groups, Broadcast
    • Yes/No Messages
    • Drop Down Messages
    • Multi-Select Messages
    • Native Biometric Messages
    • iOS or Android Client
  • Business

  • 199

  • InTouch Profiles represent your Real World Entities that you want to establish on InTouch to securely communicate, transact and run business processes with your key stakeholders. This can be your business, club, organisation, government, or asset.


    • All Individual benefits
    • Create and Edit your Container
    • Purchase Message Types & Workflows
    • Workflow Manager
    • Audit Trail
  • Enterprise

  • Custom

    • All Business benefits
    • Custom Message Types and Workflows
    • Web Based Admin
    • API Access
    • Process Message Builder
    • Developer License
    • Single Sign On (SSO)

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