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Communication during COVID-19

A shift in how we need to communicate.


Countries, cities, businesses and schools across the world face quarantine and closures, in the wake of COVID-19. While this global panic will doubtless have far-reaching economic consequences, the need to remain in touch, engaged and in communication with the world remains essential. Although COVID-19 has sparked this shift in behaviour, the world has changed and organisations will have to adapt to remote ways of doing their business to remain relevant and keep their key stakeholders safe and secure.


As many are forced to work from home and clients aren’t walking through office doors as regularly, the question arises; how do organisations continue business and ensure constant communication with employees and clients, without exposing the business to fraud? The key is to establish secure and compliant communication channels between organisations and their stakeholders. These channels should enable authenticated transactions, real world processes and free chat to carry on with business as usual – remotely on users’ own devices.


Especially in instances where security, regulation and governance are key, organisations are under obligation to manage their communications and business processes in a responsible manner.


InTouch has been working on this solution for years. A purpose built for secure and trusted real world processes. With trusted onboarding and advanced biometrics, organisations and individuals can trust in the identity of the key stakeholders they are communicating and running dynamic processes with. This all takes place through secure and compliant communication channels – on which every message is encrypted. Users can comfortably share confidential information and documentation, authenticate transactions and run validations.


InTouch is a trusted engagement and authentication tool to navigate real world processes, both securely and efficiently. Featuring an intuitive user interface, decreased administrative burden and increased revenue for organisations, it also ensures regulatory compliance and decreases the risk of fraud.

Organisations can send their employees’ payslips in a secure way, for example, or authorise transactions with their clients.
In a world that is rapidly retreating from face-to-face interaction, the need for communication channels that offer authenticated transactions and business processes increases exponentially.


With or without a global state of emergency, the way the world communicates, operates and transacts has changed and will continue to evolve. Although keeping pace may appear to be challenging, innovative solutions offer vital rungs in the ladder to truly staying in touch – with the world, with employees, with clients and with stakeholders.

Get InTouch.